Flu Season Is Upon Us

As the leaves on the trees are changing color, and the kids are getting back into the swing of the new and altered school year, there is one thing that remains constant.  The risk of contracting the flu remains the same.  Corona virus does not change that flu season is upon us and time for immunization is now.  We are fortunate to have a vaccine against a disease that is prevalent in the populations most at risk, which are the very young and very old, and those with multiple comorbid conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Morbid Obesity.  These also include the immunosuppressed as well.  While we are now more aware than ever about hand washing and covering our coughs, not all are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.  The possibility and probability of spreading the influenza virus is still likely unless you are isolating at home.

Covid-19 and influenza often present with similar symptoms, and a diagnosis is difficult without diagnostic testing.  The problem is, that with the testing, you must expose others to the virus in order to get tested.  Please be mindful that if and when you do experience symptoms of the flu, like fever greater than 100, or body aches, that you are isolating from others in your home to ensure that you do not spread your virus.  Similarly, when you do go to the doctor’s office or even to the ER, please make sure that the staff is made aware of your symptoms in advance so that you can be properly isolated to keep the virus from spreading throughout the office or ER.

Remember that patients with COPD, Asthma, Morbid Obesity and Diabetes are at higher risk for complications associated with the Flu and Covid-19.  Currently there is no vaccine for Covid, but there is for the flu, so please make time to go out and get the flu shot as soon as you can.  Avoid getting a life threatening virus that can be mistaken for Covid-19.

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