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Weight Loss Surgery Testimonials and Photos

We know that the decision to undergo bariatric surgery is not easy. That is why we give you the information you need to decide if surgery is the right choice for you. The following stories and before-and-after images truly illustrate how weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve, has improved the lives of many people experiencing morbid obesity.

Deena is 80 Lbs Down!

Deena is bariatric surgery patient

Jeffrey Lost 325 Lbs!

Jeffrey is a bariatric surgery patient

Elizabeth Lost 130 Lbs!

Elizabeth, a Registered Nurse, is both a gastric bypass patient and a NYU Langone Long Island Surgical Associates team member!

Gina Lost 195 Lbs!

Gina is a gastric banding patient

Lisa Lost 124 Lbs!


Matthew Lost 175 Lbs!


“I don’t believe I could be more thankful for the day I sat in that seminar listening to others success 10 years ago and said ‘yes, I’m doing this and I’m going to make this work.'”

At a young age I was diagnosis with Lyme Disease, which at that time there was little research and knowledge concerning the disease so recovery took some time.  A year later my health partially return, but with lack of activity and being in and out of hospitals I started putting on a fair amount of weight.  Growing up a stone’s throw away from McDonalds and a 7 eleven didn’t help the situation.  Often I’d mow my neighbors grass and use the $10 for a GI Joe figure from Caldor’s, a happy meal from McDonald’s, and some sweets from 7 eleven.

Later into middle school I continued to gain weight, I choose meal options at school like pizza or a BLT loaded with mayo.   My father worked two jobs and my mother worked a full time job as well so fast food became a once a week option for dinner, at that time there wasn’t the knowledge there is today of how unhealthy that option is.  I wasn’t overly concern, I would look at my father’s year book pictures when he was my age and he was the same weight, but in his late teens and into his twenties the weight naturally came off and still in his 50’s maintain a healthy weight.  I went through being teased, name calling and a general lack of self esteem as do all children who experience obesity.  The sound of “Matty Matty so Fatty, me, my, mo Matty” was a taunt I can easily remember.   I did at least remain fairly popular by over compensate with personality, and a giving nature, I felt sure that would make up for what I didn’t possess in what is deemed by society as “pleasant looks”.

By the end of high school the obesity continued, I average between 290 to 310 pounds.  I attempted weight loss programs, went even as far to rock out to “sweating to the oldies” with Richard Simmons.  I expected like my father I’d slim down but there were some big differences.  My father went straight into manual labor where as I did not, my father didn’t have the onslaught of fast food marketing, so unlike him weight only increased as I grew older.  Trust me, I hold no grudge to the fast food industry or the school lunch menu, I’ve learned through the years that it’s best to take responsibility for our own choices and try never to make excuses.

I went away to College and found Chinese food a great meal option quite often, and trust me I wasn’t ordering steam chicken and broccoli!  My weight soared up to 340 pounds, and stayed there into my mid twenties.  I tried over and over again to lose the weight, and quite often would get down to 285 only to plateau, not loose past that, and regain the weight in frustration.  Racked with self esteem issues, frustration, and constant let down I was certain that I would never obtain the goal of weight lose.

Around the age of 26 two of my friends went to Dr. Brathwaite for consultation on weight lose surgery and instructed me to join the band wagon.  I hesitated due to lack of knowledge, fear, and most of all unbelief that anything would shed the weight.  I resolved to be unhappy and overweight, but watched my two friends progress from a far.  After their surgery their weight loss was profound, and I got the itch that indeed this could be the remedy to my weight loss solution.  I started my consultations and was convinced this could do it!  I had some kick back from family and friends but I was determined.  The process took months and anticipation grew, Dr. Brathwaite was informative and very thorough to make sure the surgery would go smoothly.

April of 2007 I received the surgery, with in the first week I lost approximately twenty pounds!  Then week after week I continued the weight loss, with such fast forward movement the surgery created a catalyst, a starting point to improve the habits of my life.   I started working out, Kayaking for hours on the weekends, eating healthy, watching to make sure I was getting all my nutritional needs and within two to three months time I was down to 280!

Then a week went by at 280, then into  a second week and you can imagine by then I was wondering if yet again I would fail and gain the weight back, forever stuck at my plateau.  But this time was different, I was’nt able to go back to past habits it was impossible.  I could no longer stomach the thought of eating fast food, or over eating and my portions were still fairly small to accommodate the size of my stomach.  I also lost the want and addiction for sweets or fatty red meats, sure enough after two weeks the weight loss started again, and it keep going strong till I lost about 130 pounds.  After that the weight loss slowed, but still steady ounce after ounce, day after day, and within a two year time frame from the surgery I was down to 155 pounds, my dream and goal finally came true.

Almost ten years later  I maintained my weight between 155 and 165 pounds which I feel is a healthy weight for me.  I don’t need to tell you how I  feel or how my confidence has increased because you’ve all heard testimonies before after successful weight loss.  All I can say is that if you have lost hope and are starting to have no belief there is a weight loss program that can work for you then reach out to Dr. Brathwaite and there staff.  Go to a seminar and see and listen to the individuals who’s life’s like mine have been changed.  The surgery isn’t the end all, it isn’t a quick fix, it will take time, effort and hard work on your part.  However, it can give you the extra edge you need to be successful, it can instill you with belief that you can accomplish what you so desire.  It can give you the courage to press on past your weight plateau, where you haven’t been able to surpass.  I don’t think people question having the surgery because of risk or cost, I think most people are undecided about it because they fear allowing themselves to be vulnerable to believing there could be something that works.  Well here’s the testimony of someone it worked for.  I don’t believe I could be more thankful for the day I sat in that seminar listening to others success 10 years ago and said “yes, I’m doing this and I’m going to make this work”.  Good luck you who are beginning your weight loss journey.  As Winston Churchill once said “I believe history will be good to me because I intend on writing it”, write your history, and make it grand!

Warm Regards and much support,



“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Brathwaite and his exceptional team…”

The decision to undergo weight loss gastric by-pass surgery was not an easy one for me. So many stories circulate about bad and good experiences, I was apprehensive. After my doctor suggested I consider the surgery, I embarked on a one-year fact-finding mission to educate myself about the process.

Luckily I came across Dr. Collin Brathwaite’s Center of Excellence and decided to attend his first orientation meeting. From that first meeting, I received professional, competent and compassionate assistance from Dr. Brathwaite and all his staff.

The surgery was quick and virtually painless, for me. I was back to work after a week. The staff at Winthrop Hospital were attentive and the stay was short. After the surgery, I rigidly followed all directions and guidelines for eating. I am pleased to say that the experience has been amazing! After five months, I have lost over 60 pounds. I feel wonderful! At 65 years of age, I am able to do so much that was becoming more and more difficult for me; walking, swimming, cleaning house and just enjoying the outdoors.

This surgery not a quick fix. It takes work and commitment. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Brathwaite and his exceptional team and thank them for giving me a new lease on life.

Diana W.


“…it’s the aftercare that truly matters.”

I would very much like to attest as to the expertise of Dr. Brathwaite – not only to his surgical ability but to his ever so important follow-up care that he provides. We can all go in but it’s the aftercare that truly matters.

Jackie M.


“I can not even begin to explain how wonderful I feel.”

On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate Dr. Brathwaite and his staff a 15!! They saved my life.

Actually, they gave me a life. They go above and beyond! I am doing things today that I have never done or been able to do for most of my adult life. I have absolutely no regrets. Well maybe I regret not doing this sooner.

I walked into an Orientation meeting in April of 2007, weighing over 370 pounds. I made my decision that night to have the gastric bypass surgery. I immediately
started the first part of my journey. I joined Curves in May of 2007 and started to seek the help of a nutritionist. By the time I had completed all my tests and was ready for the surgery, I had taken off about 50 pounds. This I did so I would be in better shape for the surgery and to help shrink some of my organs for the surgery.

I had my surgery on September 4, 2007. This is sort of like my new birth date. The surgery was a complete success. I felt wonderful within days of the surgery and started the second part of my journey. I have taken off an additional 135+ pounds.

I have my blood tested every three months, and attend the support groups on a monthly basis. I had thought, years ago, that the surgery was the easy way out. I know today there is no such thing as the easy way out. This is a tool and not a cure. The surgery assists in getting the weight off. Along with the surgery, I must exercise, eat right, work through the feelings that drive me to the food (I see help through therapy for this), and follow the directions of Dr. Brathwaite and his staff.

I can not even begin to explain how wonderful I feel. I can not express the gratitude I have for Dr. Brathwaite and his staff. I believe Dr. Brathwaite is one of the most compassionate doctors I will even meet. He is a man that believes deeply in what he does and cares deeply for all of his patients. He is the man for the job.

I had lost weight hundreds of times in my life, but I was never able to keep it off. I would get a certain amount of weight off and then I would lose my momentum and start to gain back the weight I lost, plus more. I began to think I was never going to lose the excess weight. As out of shape as I was, I knew in my heart that was only going to get worse. I had to do something and I had to do it now!

Since the Surgery, I am experiencing life, rather than being a spectator for those who experience it. I can play with my daughter and not get out of breath and have to sit down after five minutes. I recently rode on a Go-Cart for the first time in my life. What a thrill. We have plans on going to a water park this summer and I will actually be on the rides, rather that holding everyone’s towels waiting at the end of each ride. There is a pretty good chance I will be around to see my daughter grow up. I did not really have much of a chance of that happening at the rate I was going.

I have flown on a plane and did not need the seatbelt extension. I sat in the seat on the plane and did not flow over into the seat next to me. I no longer have to look around the room for a chair large enough and strong enough for me to sit in. There are no more X’s in my clothing sizes. There are not enough hours in the day for me to use up the energy and zest I have for life.

I am 50-year-old and I feel like I am 15. I could go on and on. The bottom line is that I wake up in the morning saying “Thank God for another day” rather than “Oh God, not another day.”

I am a satisfied customer. I am truly blessed.

Kelly G.


“…I’ve put my life in his hands several times and would recommend him to everyone.”

I have been a patient of Dr. Brathwaites’ since January 2005. After joining Weight Watchers and losing 60 pounds, I couldn’t lose any more and was becoming dangerously unhealthy so I did some research and decided to have a roux-en-y gastric bypass.

My surgery was on May 5, 2005. I was impressed with Dr. Brathwaite from the first time I met him. He is such a knowledgeable, caring doctor and person. He pulls no punches and makes everything you need to know very clear and understandable.

Before my bypass surgery, I underwent a series of tests and consultations which included some of the following: Nutrition Consultation, Psychiatric Consultation, Cardiology Consultation, Pulmonology Consultation, and a Sleep Study. I also had to undergo an upper endoscopy, gallbladder ultrasound, and lab work. I also attended an educational seminar with Dr. Brathwaite and some of his staff, which was very informational. Then I attended two support group meetings.

Yes, it seems to be an awful lot to do just to have a gastric bypass but it is so very important to have all the facts and to make sure that you are prepared mentally and physically for such a drastic lifestyle change.

The staff at Dr. Brathwaites’ office is always cordial and ready to help in any way they can. It is such a pleasure to be a patient in his office.

My weight loss in the first year was very dramatic. I attended many support group meetings, which helped me very much. I learned that everyone that has the gastric bypass or banding is very different. I found myself comparing my weight loss to others which is not the thing to do. Everyone’s body is so different.

When I started on this venture of changing my life I weighed in at 343 pounds and wore a size 32-34 — uncomfortably at that. Today I weigh 170 pounds and am wearing a size 14. It is truly amazing at how different my life is thanks to Dr. Brathwaite and myself, of course.

I must tell you that Dr. Brathwaite has also operated on me on three other occasions. In November 2006 he repaired an umbilical hernia alongside Dr. Aurora, who at the same time performed a tummy tuck. Then I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on my left kidney and had it removed in April 2007, but developed a huge hernia on my left flank which Dr. Brathwaite also repaired. And, because the hernia was so big, it reoccurred and in May of this year Dr. Brathwaite, alongside a plastic surgeon, repaired it again. So you see I’ve put my life in his hands several times and would recommend him to everyone who needs his services. He is truly a fantastic surgeon and a wonderful human being.

Carmen B.


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