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Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

While bariatric surgery is usually very successful, there are times where it does not offer the full benefit of weight loss and disease resolution as planned.  Any weight loss procedure can be revised including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric banding.

NYU Langone Long Island Surgical Associates receives patients from all over the tri-state area who are unhappy with their initial procedure. Revising their procedures has allowed them to fulfill their weight loss goals and continue their push toward a healthier and happier life.

To determine if the patient is a candidate for revisional surgery, we will:

  • Then evaluate weight loss patterns, as some weight regain after a few years is not uncommon or abnormal. For example, patient may lose between 60-80% of their excess weight within the first few years after surgery, however it is perfectly normal to regain about 5-10% of that excess body weight toward the end of this time period.
  • Evaluate their food consumption and habits. This ensures that the weight regain is not due to poor dietary choices.

If these lifestyle issues are ruled out, such as poor diet or exercise habits, revising the procedure with a second surgery may be a patient’s best option.

Gastric Bypass Revisions

If we do eventually determine that a revisional procedure is necessary, the gastric bypass can be revised. While it is not advisable to reverse a gastric bypass (though it is possible) we most often add a band to increase restriction. If the cause of the weight regain is less severe, for example due to a dilated stoma or stretched pouch, there are various minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures that can correct this problem – most on an outpatient basis. Learn more about gastric bypass revisions

Gastric Sleeve Revisions & Gastric Band Removal

There are also times where gastric banding (Lap-Band® and Realize® Band) and gastric sleeve procedures do not perform as expected or cause complications. The gastric band may be removed and converted to a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. The gastric sleeve may be converted into a full gastric bypass. Learn more about gastric sleeve revisions or Learn more about gastric band removal / revision

Am I a Candidate for Revision Bariatric Surgery?

It is important to remember that a revisional bariatric procedure is still major surgery. It is also complicated due to the patient having had a previous surgery, and the scar tissue that goes with it. It is imperative that patients honestly evaluate their lifestyle to ensure that their diet and exercise regimens are not impeding weight loss. Only then, and with acceptable surgical risk, will it be appropriate to revise the previous procedure.  Learn more about the revision process at NYU NYU Langone Long Island Surgical Associates.

Our Surgical Weight Loss Program and Bariatric Surgery Center's mission is to deliver safe and effective surgical solutions with a compassionate touch. Our bariatric program is operated by NYU Langone Long Island Surgical Associates, P.C., a network of leading physicians and surgeons that provide comprehensive care for patients.

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