Learning More About Obesity

Before you can make a decision as to whether bariatric surgery is best option for your particular circumstance, it is important that you learn more about the underlying disease. Obesity affects significant number of Americans – by some estimates upwards of 35%. Excess weight issues are present in more than two thirds of the US adult population. While obesity and excess weight levels have flattened over the past several years, it is still a major problem that has massive costs both in quality of life and financial terms.

The details of obesity can be found on our webpage on morbid obesity. However no statistic can accurately reflect the degree of physical and psychological problems that those suffering from obesity have to live with each and every day. From missing job opportunities and social stigma to not having the ability or mobility perform many of the activities that others take for granted, living with obesity can be overwhelming. Obesity can also cause follow on physical and psychological disorders such as heart disease, certain forms of cancer, depression and more. A vicious cycle ensues.

We are bombarded by diet and exercise programs that promise exceptional weight loss. Further, diet pills guarantee results and psychological counseling or hypnosis programs claim to reduce hunger cravings. However, as most of us suffering from obesity know all too well, these methods most often fail and sometimes we put on even more weight. This reality doesn’t even begin to address some of the potential dangers of these products and programs.

The fact of the matter is that obesity is an insidious disease that causes a host of follow-on problems including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to name a few. Understanding the effects of morbid obesity is the key to making the best decision for your health and happiness that comes with changing your life for the better.

The Winthrop Surgical Weight Loss Program offers bariatric surgery to those suffering from obesity in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and all of New York. Our three dedicated weight loss surgeons and staff provide safe and effective solutions to excess weight and morbid obesity.

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