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Gastric Sleeve Revisions

The gastric sleeve has quickly become the most popular bariatric surgery in the United States. The combination of exceptional results and simplicity of the procedure has made it a very compelling option for many bariatric surgery patients.

However, for a number of reasons, a gastric sleeve may not offer the degree of weight loss that the patient expects. Or, patients may begin to regain weight in the years after surgery.

When we first evaluate a patient for a failed gastric sleeve, we closely analyze their lifestyle habits including diet and exercise. Over time, some patients begin to liberalize their dietary and exercise habits. Being that the stomach is a very adaptable organ, it can stretch easily. If the stretching of the stomach is manageable by improved diet and exercise, patients will work with our nutritionist to get back on track.

However, sometimes the dilation of the stomach pouch is significant enough that the restriction simply isn’t there. In such cases, if the patient is an appropriate surgical candidate, we may convert the gastric sleeve to a bypass, by creating additional restriction of the stomach pouch and adding the malabsorptive component (bypass) of the small intestine.

The gastric sleeve can also be converted to a duodenal switch. However, this is a procedure we do not perform because of the significant risks and considerations. The gastric sleeve can also be redone, known as a re-sleeve, yet another procedure we do not commonly performed as the bypass option is typically more effective.

With advances in surgical technique and technology, revision to the gastric sleeve is very effective and patients have the added benefit of already knowing what to expect after surgery.

Risks of a Gastric Sleeve Revision

In addition to the inherent risks of bariatric surgery, the risks associated with any revisional surgery are greater than those of the primary procedure. However, employing an experienced surgeon that specializes in revisions, such as ours at NYU Langone Long Island Surgical Associates can minimize this risk. Risks and considerations will be discussed in detail at consultation.

Insurance Coverage for a Gastric Sleeve Revision

Insurance approval for a gastric sleeve revision will vary on a case-by-case basis. We will assist our patients in submitting the appropriate documentation for insurance review.

Next Steps

Patients who are considering a revisional bariatric procedure including the revision of a gastric sleeve are not required to attend our seminar and can call our office directly to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons

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